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Radio Mastery for VFR Pilots was reviewed in the March, 2013 issue of AOPA’s Flight Training Magazine. Here’s the review, with a brief comment afterwords:

PREFLIGHT / 03.13 /
TRAINING PRODUCTS / By AOPA Flight Training Staff


Former military pilot and current airline pilot Jeff Kanarish has a passion for making sense of communicating with air traffic control. His new book, Radio Mastery for VFR Pilots, is 315 pages of everything from basic technique to unusual, area-specific scenarios.

Although Kanarish’s editor certainly could have been more aggressive, his personal style comes through as conversational and approachable. It’s like having a highly experienced pilot give advice in the flight school or hangar—which will leave a few readers to be critical at times. Right up front, Kanarish admits the book represents real-world techniques and scenarios that sometime differ slightly from those in the Aeronautical Information Manual. Readers looking for advice they can actually put to practice will enjoy the overflowing amount of information.

In Radio Mastery for VFR Pilots, I say the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) section on radio communication is filled with gaps and inconsistencies. My book follows the AIM to the letter and inserts the AIM standards directly into the real world. Where gaps and or inconsistencies in the AIM exist, the book applies standards in other source material, such as the Air Traffic Controller Manual and the ICAO Air Traffic Services Manual. I don’t know of a place in the book where techniques and scenarios differ from the standards described in the manuals, as the reviewer states.

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