Common Traffic Advisory Frequencies and ATC as Customer Service

This edition of the Radar Contact Show consolidates the previous 3 articles about using a Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) and about ATC as customer service organization. If you would rather read about CTAF, you can find the full articles using these links.

How to Select and Use the Correct Common Traffic Advisory Frequency

It’s What You Don’t Hear on the Radio that Can Get You

ATC is a Customer Service Organization

Your Question of the Week

You are preparing to depart VFR from Martha’s Vineyard Airport. It’s November 2 and the current local time is 05:30. Using the Airport Facility Directory listing of communications for Martha’s Vineyard Airport (below) describe the radio drill you would use to depart from Martha’s Vineyard, beginning from your parking position on the ramp through your departure from the traffic pattern heading northwest.


When you think you have the entire radio drill figured out, go to There you will find a complete solution for this situation, along with a full explanation of how that answer was derived.

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