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With Zulu PFX, Lightspeed Aviation has leveraged cutting edge technology, world-class engineers, and superior customer knowledge to leapfrog the competition and produce the world's quietest premium ANR headset for aviators. Lightspeed's proprietary PFX technology creates a uniquely personal flying experience by actively conforming to your ears, your environment, and your preferences.
  • Ultimate quiet and clarity - The proprietary innovations and advanced features in Zulu PFX work in concert to deliver astounding clarity and the world's quietest headset.
  • Comfort - Based on the LightComfortTM design made famous by Zulu.2, Zulu PFX features soft ear seals, exceptional fit, and a head-friendly 14 ounces.


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Great Headset
I started with an old set of David Clarks. I then went to Lightspeed Zulu. Now with the pFX these are the best I have ever had. Awesome noise cancelling. I compared them with the Bose A20 and in my hands these beat the Bose A20 hands down. They may be listed as heavier but they don't feel heavier and are quite comfortable even on long trips.
February 3, 2016, 5:45 pm
Audio Quality10
Noise Cancellation10
Value (Price/Overall Quality)10
PFX works
Adaptive noise reduction works. It gets quieter as time goes on and the clarity with ATC is great. While heavier than other headsets in the class, I've worn for hours with no discomfort and you even forget they are on.
December 23, 2015, 10:18 pm
Audio Quality10
Noise Cancellation10
Value (Price/Overall Quality)9.5
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