Radio Mastery for VFR Pilots Workbook


A complete course in radio procedures and techniques for vfr flight.

    • Read It: Read the scenario.
      “You are 10 miles northwest of the Charlottesville Airport on Tower’s frequency. Before you switched to Tower’s frequency you listened to the ATIS and noted the latest airport information was “Echo.” Write the radio call you would make to Charlottesville Tower, notifying the controller you are on your way in for touch-and-goes at the airport. (Your call sign is Cirrus 715FD.)”

    • Visualize It: Imagine the situation.
      What would the view look like through the airplane’s windscreen? What would the engine sound like? What would you see on your instrument panel?

    • Write It: Answer the question.
      “Charlottesville Tower, Cirrus 715FD is 10 miles northwest of the airport, inbound for touch-and-goes, with information Echo.”

    • Speak It: Say the radio transmission out loud.

    • Got It! That radio call is embedded in your memory.
    • It’s ready to use the next time you need it in your airplane.

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    The Radio Mastery for VFR Pilots Workbook covers:

      • Basic radio vocabulary.
      • Radio procedures and techniques at uncontrolled airports.
      • Building situational awareness by listening to position reports in an airport pattern.
      • VFR Flight Following with an Air Route Traffic Control Center.
      • Radio coordination with a Flight Service Station.
      • Ground operations at tower controlled airports.
      • Traffic pattern radio calls at tower controlled airports.
      • Departures, arrivals, and transitions through Class D Airspace.
      • Radio procedures and techniques for arrivals and departures in Class C Airspace
      • Handling the radio during an emergency.
      • Flying into and out of Class B airspace, including VFR transition routes.
      • Radio work in Terminal Radar Service Areas.
      • Plus: “Think Like a Controller”. Practicing radio transmissions as a air traffic controller in various ATC positions. Helps you understand radio work from ATC’s perspective. Really drills home the how and the why of various radio transmissions required of pilots.


      The Radio Mastery for VFR Pilots Workbook complements Jeff’s original book:
      Radio Mastery for VFR Pilots.

      Use the two books together to build your radio skills or use the workbook as a complete, stand-alone course in VFR radio procedures and techniques.

      Read an expanded excerpt: Radio Mastery for VFR Pilots Workbook (.pdf, 3.3Mb.)

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