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The essential techniques and procedures for communicating with ATC.


Whether flying VFR or IFR, the radio skills you need in any class of airspace can be found right here.

VFR Radio Phrasing

Clear explanations and tips on how to communicate using correct phrasing on the radio while flying under VFR. From position reports in uncontrolled airport patterns, to tower clearances in Class D airspace, to basic radar service in Class C, to traffic advisories in Class E, we’ve got it covered.

Responding to Your IFR Clearance the Right Way

Every pilot seems to have a personal interpretation of how to communicate on the radio with ATC. In this collection, we’ll cover the radio phrases and procedures the FAA wants you to use.  It’s IFR radio communication done correctly.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Sounding Foolish on the Radio

Everyone, and I mean e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e who is learning to fly makes mistakes when talking on the radio. All student pilots have a hard time hearing and understanding ATC clearances. Here’s a collection of tips and techniques on how to build skill and confidence when communicating with ATC.

Getting What You Need from ATC on an IFR Flight

If you ever struggled to get a clearance direct, or wondered why a controller won’t let you change altitude, I have the answers. Knowing exactly how how controllers operate will help you communicate better and get the results you need from ATC.


We break down and solve the issues affecting your radio work with live examples, interviews and expert analysis.

Each show is built on the questions we receive from you and other pilots. From student pilot to advanced ratings, VFR and IFR, we fill in the gaps and resolve the errors in ATC communication.

Latest Episodes:
Latest Episodes:


Learn by Doing

Build a solid, lasting radio skill set with hands-on practice. Proven techniques. Radio procedures the way the FAA wants you do do them.

The VFR Radio Simulator

Practice radio transmissions, in real time, with simulated air traffic control. Covers radio procedures and techniques used in all classes of controlled and uncontrolled airspace accessible to VFR flight.

In development.

Clearance Magic

Hands-on practice copying and reading back IFR clearances. Copy to paper, to instruments, and to an autopilot. Full route; enroute amendments; altitude; holding; and SID/STAR clearances.


Cleared for the Approach

Practice copying and reading back ATC vectors to instrument approaches in real time. CFA works as a stand-alone course or as an add-on to Clearance Magic. Available soon.

$25 stand-alone or $15 when added to Clearance Magic

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