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  1. Is it ATC‘s procedure for Com failure I F R for aircraft to squawk 7600 for 1 min. Then return to I F R assigned squawk or leave on 7600

    1. Thom,

      Thank you for asking. Good question. About 20-25 years ago, the transponder routine for comm failure was to squawk 7600 and then return to the ATC-assigned squawk. That is no longer the case. The current procedure is to squawk 7600 and remain on that code until landing or until radio comm can be re-established with ATC. The AIM says:

      “6−4−2. Transponder Operation During
      Two-way Communications Failure

      a. If an aircraft with a coded radar beacon
      transponder experiences a loss of two-way radio
      capability, the pilot should adjust the transponder to
      reply on Mode A/3, Code 7600.

      b. The pilot should understand that the aircraft
      may not be in an area of radar coverage.



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