ATC Language Program for Non-English Speakers


In development. A training program that teaches student pilots how to speak the English words used by ATC.*

This will be a language program with a very narrow scope. It is intended for non-English speaking people. It is not a how-to-talk-to-ATC course for native English speakers.

To avoid the need to interpret the program’s instructions into hundreds of different languages, all instructions will be illustrated graphically. Here’s a sample of the prototype.

I’ll have more announcements about the product as it nears completion.

*It isn’t lost on me that the people who need this program may not be able to read this announcement. Anybody care to interpret it into 75 different languages for me?

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akril November 16, 2016 at 4:00 am

Intonation due to signal limitations, lack of function words, standard phraseology and rapid speech rate also plague many non English speakers.


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