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Radio Discipline

Yesterday, someone placed a comment at my other website that I immediately deleted because it included some incendiary language. Life is too short to put up with rudeness. The commenter probably would have started a good conversation with me had he used good communication discipline and not taken a cheap shot. I bring this …

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ATC’s Expect to Cross an Intersection

I was sitting on the jumpseat in the cockpit of another airline yesterday and I heard a radio exchange between ATC and the pilot working the radio for the crew. It sounded like this. (The aircraft call sign, altitudes and the named intersection are fictitious.) ATC: “Airliner 167, at pilot’s discretion, descend and maintain Flight …

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The Difference Between ATC Clearances and Advisories

The following transmission from a tower controller has a clearance and an advisory. Can you tell which is which? ATC says, “Skyhawk 9130 Delta, Runway 16, line up and wait. Traffic will be crossing downfield.” When the controller said, “Runway 16, line up and wait,” he was directing Skyhawk 9130 Delta to do something. When …

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Great Article on Radio Errors

Here’s a worthwhile read about radio errors, by John Zimmerman, at The issues raised in this article are just as prevalent today as they were when this article was written in 2012. Enjoy, or read it and weep, depending on your perspective.

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