Gulf Coast Avionics ANR $249.00

Gulf Coast Avionics ANR $249.00

From an Survey:

Number of Responders: 2

Comfort: Great! 0; Just okay: 2; Unacceptable: 0
Clarity: Great! 0; Just Okay: 2; Unacceptable: 0
Durability: Great! 1; Just Okay: 1; Unacceptable: 0

Notable Comments: “Pretty comfortable for awhile but once I’m over 2 hours it starts to get heavy and uncomfortable.” “This is my first headset which has been great for the money so it was excellent entry level set.”

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From listing at The GCA-ANR headset is the perfect entry-level stereo/mono ANR headset. With automatic shutoff and cell phone/ music interface, you get many features of the higher end ANR headsets at a fraction of the cost. Using two AA batteries, you can expect 30-40 hours of useful life for the ANR. Gel ear seals and the included ear seal covers make this a comfortable and quiet headset.
  • Cell Phone Interface
  • Music Interface
  • 24db Rating with an additional 12 to 14db with the ANR
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Stereo/Mono
*Note: I earn a small commission when you buy this headset using the affiliate link above. You are under no obligation to use this link, but I really appreciate it if you do. Jeff

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