I’m Available to Speak

Teach an aviation class?

Belong to a flying club?

I may be able to visit your class or club and talk about aviation radio procedures and techniques. I can also give a talks on airline flying; and, on flying air combat missions in the A-10 Warthog in the First Persian Gulf War.

General Requirements:

Minimum group size: 10 people, with some exceptions made for education classes.

Speaking locations are currently limited to the continental United States, or Southern Canada.

I have no speaking fee.

I usually have no air travel expense.

Your organization will have to cover my travel expenses, other than free air travel. This includes any meals in your host city or town, any fee-based transportation, or lodging expenses.

For speaking engagements east of the Mississippi River, it may be possible to fly in to your location, speak, and fly out on the same day, limiting travel expenses.

I will usually record video and audio of my speaking engagements. You are welcome to a free copy of the recording.

Portions, or all of any recording may be replayed at ATCcommunication.com, or at any of it’s affiliate websites, products, and productions. We can discuss the details of this, including confidentiality issues, in a separate conversation.

If you are interested, contact me at jeff@ATCcommunication.com.




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