Mach 1.0 Survey

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4 thoughts on “Mach 1.0 Survey”

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  2. Hi Jeff, I’m a low time student(6hrs.logged)w/ground school completed;training at an uncontrolled field(HQZ).My insructor has taught us the four W’s-who are you calling,who are you,where are you at,what do you want-.I’m suffering ‘mic-fright”thanks to inexperience,cockpit multi-tasking,mentally searching for correct terminology for CTAF enviroment.So far the only thing I can key in is”Mesquite traffic: radio check”and”Mesquite traffic:Skyhawk1234Uniform taxiing to runway 17 for runup Mesquite traffic”. In yesterday’s preflight briefing my instructor gave me more phrases to use at appropriate times,which Iwrote down so I could review and memorize and practice repeating.I use a cockpit poster at home to ‘armchair fly’.Most websites I’ve visited have useful info and examples of phraseology for controlled space, but not for uncontrolled space.I understand the need for training in contolled enviroment as all pilots should and I will be learning this also as my training continues.Some focus,advice,tips,examples for uncontrolled space would be welcomed by early beginners like myself. To me,uncontrolled airspace is kind of like the old wild west;fun,free,but dangerous as radio is not required,along with the common radio failures and pilot errors.It makes sense to me,therefore,that more emphasis should be placed on pilot to pilot communication in the uncontrolled enviroment. Thanks, Jeff, for your time and effort in the aviation community…..Doug

    1. Hey Doug:

      Great to hear from you. Guess what’s about to hit the website? The first unit of the Aircraft Radio Simulator, and it’s all about talking on the radio at uncontrolled airports! Right up your alley. Thanks for your great comments.


  3. Lynbert A. Laguda II

    hello jeff,
    I am so grateful for your work, to all the pilots struggling to properly communicate in the atc. .
    Honestly speaking i am practicing my atc communication, because i am about to take the ELP exam this april and still I am having trouble with my confidence. I hope you have a method to easily understand and readback perfectly all the atc wants you to readback, by the way I’m from the Philippines and before my instructor releases me for solo I have to take 3 exams, NTC for the radio license, pre solo exam and finally the ELP english language proficiency. jeff plz help me pass this exam with confidence. .
    Thank you for making time to read this


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