Meet Jeff Kanarish

I’m a pilot with over 40 years and more than 17,000 hour of fixed-wing flight time. That time is divided into private, military instructor pilot and actual air combat, corporate, and airline transport flight. Those are big numbers but they wouldn’t mean anything if all I could offer you is the same mixed bag of stuff I learned from the AIM and my instructors. Here’s the real difference.

In all those years and flying time, I built up a network of connections with air traffic controllers. They have helped me interpret what the FAA really wants you to say on the radio. I’ve also flown in every part of the world, in every type of weather, talking to air traffic controllers using different systems of control than used in the U.S.
Maybe most importantly, I remember what it was like to talk to ATC as a student pilot. I have worked through the nervousness and lack of confidence you might have felt when you had to key the mic and talk to a controller. You and I, like all pilots, have a shared experience.

The result of all that experience and knowledge is organized in these pages. Please take what you need, ask what you want, and pass it on to other pilots.

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