New IFR Radio Book Out Soon


The final draft of Radio Mastery for IFR Pilots is at the publisher now. I’m awaiting the completion of a proof copy of the book. After I sign off on the proof copy, hopefully within a week, the new book will go sale at

The first version of the book will be a paperback. A Kindle version of the book should be completed and available within a month after the print version goes on sale.

About the same time the book hits the market, I’ll have a brand new website up and running called The new website will be, as the name implies, all about IFR radio communication.

Of course, I will continue support VFR-only pilots at Look for new articles and audio shows on VFR communication, even as the IFR side of the house develops and grows.

The reviews of aviation headsets that I promised in my last article? Those are still in the works. As you can see, there is a lot going on around here. Bear with me as the marathon continues.


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