Press Kit

If you would like to interview Jeff Kanarish for a story or if you need commentary on an existing story, contact Jeff at

Jeff Kanarish’s Long Bio (.pdf, 496 words)

Jeff Kanarish’s Short Bio (.pdf, 151 words)

Quotable Remarks (.pdf, 9 quotes, 2-3 sentences ea.)

Image Downloads


Jeff Airline Large
(300 dpi, 1200 x 1059 pixels, 732Kb)

Jeff Airline Medium
(300 dpi, 600 x 520 pixels, 341Kb)

Jeff Airline Small
(300 dpi, 300 x 265 pixels, 199Kb)


Book Cover Large
(300 dpi, 600 x 917 pixels, 1.4Mb)

Book Cover Small
(300 dpi, 300 x 459 pixels, 404Kb)

2 thoughts on “Press Kit”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Dan from DTW here, fellow Delta pilot here…..just listened to your latest podcast about switching to tower after receiving radar approach control flight following.

    I enjoyed it and have recommended to my students.

    Keep up the great work & I’m looking forward to seeing the simulator when you’re finished with the work on it.


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