Transitioning Class D

This week’s edition of Radar Contact is built on the questions I received from pilots who visit That’s great! It’s great for me, because it creates new material for the show. It’s great for you because you and I get to discuss the issues that are on pilots’ minds.

Show Notes:

    1. True story: You are transitioning through an airport traffic area when the tower controller sends not one, but two other aircraft on a collision course with your airplane. Besides running away, what else can you do to fix the situation?
    1. True story: You are flying under Class B airspace, in very crowded skies, using VFR flight following. All of a sudden, you lose contact with ATC and cannot get it back. Your radio is okay, but the controller you were working with does not answer. What now?
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    Question of the Week

    You are currently using VFR flight following service from ATC. You have been assigned a transponder code of 1-5-1-0. After handoff to the next ATC sector, the controller says, “Reset your transponder. Squawk 6-5-0-1.”

    First, why would a controller assign a new transponder code to your airplane?

    Second, what is your primary concern when switching your transponder code from 1-5-1-0 to 6-5-0-1?

    When you think you know the answer, click here for Answers to Questions Asked in Radar Contact.

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