Flight Projection

Which of these Cessnas is not like the other? Which of these Cessnas is not quite the same?

In this week’s show we are going to live dangerously. We are going to talk on a radio frequency when there is another aircraft on the same frequency with a similar sounding call sign. Ooh, scary! You think I’m kidding? Just you wait and see what happens.

We are also going to step inside your brain’s movie theater and crank up the flight projector. It’s going to be a cosmic trip down memory lane. When the house lights come up again, you are going to have some new ideas on how to prepare and execute your radio calls to ATC.

Show Notes:

1. Predictability contributes to a safe and efficient flight.
2. You can make your radio work more predictable by something called flight projection.
3. Even when you plan your next several moves in your airplane, the plan may have to turn on a dime when the flight situation changes. Be ready and project through those changes.
4. Similar sounding call signs on the same frequency is more dangerous than you think.
5. When someone else on your frequency has a call sign that sounds similar to yours: Pipe down and pay attention; don’t abbreviate your call sign; don’t grab a clearance if you aren’t sure it isn’t intended for you; get clarification from ATC when needed–don’t guess.
6. Thank you, if you were one of the crowd who has gotten on board with Clearance Magic, the program for copying IFR clearances with ease and accuracy, every time.

Question(s) of the Week:

You are entering downwind in an airport traffic pattern. Tower says you are number 3 in the sequence for landing. Your airplane develops engine trouble and you need to get on the ground right now. You declare an emergency and get priority to land number 1.

After landing, the tower supervisor wants you to deliver a written report to her explaining why you needed to deviate from your original clearance and land immediately.

1. Does the request for a written report indicate you are in trouble with the FAA?
2. How long do you have to get the written report in the tower supervisor’s hands?

When you think you know the answers to these questions, click here: Answers to Questions Asked in Radar Contact.

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