Instant Free Access to the Aircraft Radio Simulator!

Go behind the scenes and flight test the prototypes of the Aircraft Radio Simulator before it’s released to the general public.

Get Your Hands on the Simulator Now!

(This link will take you to the registration page for A limited test model of the Aircraft Radio Simulator is waiting for you there. It’s absolutely free!)

[Updated: 21 July 2014, 10:07 EDT] Version 2.1 of the Aircraft Radio Simulator is released. Version 2.1 adds flap control, nosewheel steering and main wheel brakes for taxi practice, adjustable heading bugs, better aircraft performance, and navigation by landmarks. The moving map display was deactivated for traffic pattern operations. The moving map will be available for cross-country flight in the full simulator course (still in development).

[Updated: 26 March 2014, 02:12 EDT] Just released! Version 2.0 of the Aircraft Radio Simulator. The Version 2.0 simulator now delivers real time air traffic control instructions to you based on your current position and projected flight path. Version 2.0 allows you to record your readback to ATC, then listen to your readback and compare it to a pre-recorded perfect readback. I’ll announce updates by email and by Twitter ( as they occur.

The demonstration model allows you to make one circuit around an airport traffic pattern. Future editions of the Aircraft Radio Simulator will include a full range of scenarios at multiple airports, plus operations in Class C, Class E, and other enroute airspace. A special setup to practice taxiing according to ground control instructions is also in production.

Note: All tests and demonstrations of the Aircraft Radio Simulator are offered absolutely free with no obligation. The finished production version, when it is complete, will require a fee to access.

[Updated: 17 Nov 2011, 16:18 EST] The ATC Vocabulary Builder, a program for learning the language of Air Traffic Control, is now available for testing. This program works very well for pilots who speak English as a second language. It also works well for pilots who struggle to understand ATC instructions. I’ve included a sample of the program with 44 rounds of interactivity. Use any red link on this page to get on the inside and test the ATC Vocabulary Builder.

[Updated: 26 September 2011, 10:05 EDT] The Aircraft Radio Simulator interface is now fully functional, with integrated navigation features. The radios and aircraft simulation are tied together. Now, you can also record, play back, and save your own radio transmissions. (Note: This test version makes no connection between your radio transmissions and ATC.) Use any red link on this page to get on the Inside and flight test the Aircraft Radio Simulator.

[Updated: 31 July 2011, 12:02 EDT] Now available at the Insider’s Area of this website: The Alpha Test version of the Aircraft Situational Awareness Game. This is a real-time, fully interactive simulation.

In this serious game, you have mere seconds to determine the position of other aircraft in an airport traffic pattern using only the aircraft radio. This alpha test version is 100% free. Get your hands on this serious game immediately by using any red link on this page to register. Get free instant access to the game, all of the simulators.

Get Your Hands on the Simulator Now!

(This link will take you to the registration page for A limited test model of the Aircraft Radio Simulator is waiting for you there. It’s absolutely free!)

What is the Aircraft Radio Simulator?

The Aircraft Radio Simulator is an online program in which you get to communicate with simulated air traffic controllers and practice your radio calls. This is a completely digital program. There are no people on the other end of the radio line, so you can practice and learn without being judged if you make a mistake.

This is Real-Time, Demanding Practice

The Aircraft Radio Simulator is dynamic. It moves you from place to place in real time via a simplified flight simulator. You won’t have the luxury to sit there and think about your next radio call for 10 minutes because the simulator is constantly moving forward. Sound familiar? This is just like flying in the real world.

Get Your Hands on the Simulator Now!

(This link will take you to the registration page for A limited test model of the Aircraft Radio Simulator is waiting for you there. It’s absolutely free!)

Everything is Covered

From taxi and takeoff through landing and parking, the Aircraft Radio Simulator takes you through all flying scenarios, VFR or IFR. Talk to Clearance Delivery, Ground, Tower, Departure, Enroute Control, Approach, and back to Tower. Practice it all to proficiency.

It’s Fun. It’s Personal and Private. It Runs on Your Schedule

Experiment and play to your heart’s content. Practice when you feel like it, without anyone looking over your shoulder. Make mistakes and the simulator will coach you towards the correct solution, all without judgement or negative consequences.

    • You’ll get free access to test components (alpha and beta versions) of the Aircraft Radio Simulator. This is not the complete simulator. These are components in testing phase. By joining the flight test team, you become an Insider, helping to build the final, operational version.

  • You’ll get a free subscription to the bi-weekly newsletter Radar Contact in which we discuss pilot radio techniques, air traffic control procedures, and, of course, development of the Aircraft Radio Simulator.
  • You will also get free downloads of valuable resource materials and other training devices designed to ease your workload in the cockpit. Materials may include tailored checklists, cockpit worksheets, and other resources.

Act now and go behind the scenes. Do more. Learn more. Have fun!

Get Your Hands on the Simulator Now!

(This link will take you to the registration page for A limited test model of the Aircraft Radio Simulator is waiting for you there. It’s absolutely free!)

25 thoughts on “Instant Free Access to the Aircraft Radio Simulator!”

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  6. Jeff,
    I have been enrolled in your website for awhile, great help and thanks for everything that you are doing.
    How do I get to to radio sim

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  8. Same happens to me: I´ve just subscribed; but don´t know how to access the ATC simulator. Please your comments. Many thanks.

  9. sir i needed a RTR simulator for slef practice as i am going to give y 1st exam with WPC wing……. so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me….

    1. Dushant,

      I don’t know what the timing in of your exam may be, but the Radio Simulator is probably not going to be ready in time to help you. Sorry. I’m working as fast as I can.


  10. Hi Jeff

    I m a student pilot from Morocco. I just started learning ATC phraseology when I made a search in google and found your nice website, see and practice the ATC in your simulator. It was really a very helpfull tool.
    Many many thanks for your great idea.

    Waiting the final version.


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  12. Great website! Thank you for all the work that you are putting into it. I have recently earned my RPP at an uncontrolled airport (CYSE). I’ve zero practice in controlled airspace so I’m trying to soak up as much information as I can.

    The simulator is a very cool idea. Looking forward to watching it develop further. Along these lines I have created an app (Android only so far) to learn the ICAO phonetic alphabet by speaking it! You speak, it listens. It’s free.

    If you or your readers have any comments or suggestions for improving it I would love to hear. Please rate/or review it on the Playstore.

  13. Played the “How-to” registered and went to the simulator. But there seems no way to get started using it ?

  14. Jeff, You have created a very useful site. Can you please tell me why the ground taxi simulator is not working?? I really want to try it out and get better with comms. Thanks!


    1. Daniel,

      The ground taxi simulator that I produced was a prototype. It was very buggy and unreliable. That’s why I took it offline.

      I am close to releasing a much better version, though I don’t have an exact in-service date.



    1. I won’t be creating an app for Google Play or Apple’s app store. I know the demand would be there but it’s more work and cost than I care to take on.

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