Shocking Results from Pop Quiz 2

Where is your seat? Right here, or in the cockpit?

This evening, on a layover in San Jose, Costa Rica, I did a review of the answers to Pop Quiz #2: Standard Radio Phraseology. Bear in mind, everyone who took the pop quiz took it anonymously. The majority of people who took the quiz chose the same answer to question 10. The answer people gave made we want to make the following audio podcast.

Note: If you are a first-time listener at this website, this audio podcast may not make much sense. If you have been visiting this site for some time, what I say in this broadcast should touch a nerve.

Listen to the podcast and then let’s go over some items in the post-show notes below the audio player.

Post-Show Notes:

  1. This website was built and designed for pilots–student pilots and experienced pilots.
  2. Pilots take charge and do the things that need to be done to fly safely. Passengers sit and wait for the airplane to carry them where they need to go.
  3. Pilots are active. Passengers are passive.
  4. Effective pilots constantly analyze what is going on by asking good questions. They make good decisions based on the information they gather.
  5. At this website, I challenge you to be a good pilot: Ask questions. Speak up when something doesn’t make sense; or, when you don’t agree with something I say; or, when you need clarification.
  6. I’ll say it one last time. This website is for pilots, not passengers. Which one are you?

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