SkyLite 900M $170.00

SkyLite 900M $170.00

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From listing at The SkyLite SL-900M are made to be durable for long-time use. With its extreme light-weight of 695g and the Ultra-Comfort Gel Ear-seals, we make sure you can stay stress-free while still concentrating your long cross-country flights. Regarding ear-protection, our 26db NRR rating is one of the best in the industry when compared to David-Clark or Lightspeed, etc. Volume controls are achieved comfortably by the knobs on each ear-cup. And the fully-flexible boom microphone itself is equipped with Electrets-Noise Cancelling technology, making your voice crisply clear and at the same time cutting all the unnecessary noise in the environment. The unique feature of the SL-900M headset is that it has an additional audio input that let you plug in your favourite audio device such as iPod, MP3 Player or your backup radio scanner. This is extremely pleasurable feature to have for a long cruise flight. Making you stay awake and alert!
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