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Hey everyone. I wanted to take a minute away from studying for my annual airline checkride to say thank you. This morning, the 200th pilot signed up to be part of our Insider’s group. We have got a great community of flyers talking behind the scenes. Our community of student and certified pilots makes us the single best resource for pilot-to-ATC radio work.

If you are on the fence about subscribing to the Insider’s Area of this website, consider:

  • It’s absolutely free, with no obligation now, tomorrow, or ever.
  • I don’t bombard you with email. I hate it when other subscription services do that.
  • You get free access to all test phases of the Aircraft Radio Simulator and all its components.
  • Free goodies, such as a pilot’s lineup card. (Don’t know what that is? Come inside an take a look.)
  • You get a free subscription to Radar Contact, our Insider’s newsletter filled with tips and tricks for talking on the aircraft radio.

I’ll see you on the inside. Back to studying.


P.S. To sign up for the Insider’s Area, use this link.

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Bernie De Vold November 26, 2011 at 3:16 am

Jeff I would like to thank u so much for providing this wonderfull web site to me and so many others out there in the flying community, I just started listening to u and some of your lesson,s and I can tell by just listening to you brefl ey I have already learned lot. Ihave flowen a lot of air craft but never got my license. But now since I am building my own plane, I have to. I am all so a member of eaa chapter 582 from metclaf feild , in perrysberg ohio and a michigangander. Our club has a lot of great guys and a bunch of good pilots to, that are helpful about every thing flying . I,ve been flying on and off since 1975 but now it,s time to do this . thanks for your help.


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