Bose A20 (with bluetooth) $1,095.00

“The acclaimed A20 headset features breakthrough innovations to reduce noise and provide comfort—without compromising the clear audio you expect from Bose. It also includes an auxiliary audio input and Bluetooth phone connectivity. No other headset offers this advanced combination of features and benefits.”

Lightspeed Zulu PFX $1,050.00

“With Zulu PFX, Lightspeed Aviation has leveraged cutting edge technology, world-class engineers, and superior customer knowledge to leapfrog the competition and produce the world’s quietest premium ANR headset for aviators. Lightspeed’s proprietary PFX technology creates a uniquely personal flying experience by actively conforming to your ears, your environment, and your preferences.”

Bose A20 (no bluetooth) $995.00

“The A20 aviation headset is the most advanced Bose pilot headset yet. Its breakthrough innovations reduce more noise and provide even greater comfort than previous models, without compromising the clear audio you expect from Bose. The next-generation pilot headset from Bose.”

David Clark 10-13X ANR $795.93

“You’ll hear and feel the difference immediately. When the ENC is turned ON, low frequency noise cancellation improves by an additional 16-22 dB. Super Soft Head Pad New Comfort gel, undercut ear seals Battery Power Module – One 9 volt battery for up to 25 hours of operation.”

David Clark DC Pro-X Hybrid $695.00

“Superior technology. Superior comfort. Superior performance. All in a sleek, new, supra-aural design. The new DC PRO-X from David Clark Company offers best-in-class Hybrid electronic noise cancellation and Bluetooth® wireless technology.”

Lightspeed Sierra $650.00

“Step up to the world of premium ANR headsets with the value-priced Sierra. Picked as the “hands-down favorite” in Aviation Consumer’s real-world test of budget ANR headsets, Sierra delivers the comfort, quiet, and advanced features you’ve come to expect from Lightspeed.”

Sennheiser HMEC 250 $593.38

“Peak-Level-Protection safeguards your ears from volume peaks above 110 dB
Outstanding transmission quality for clear communications
High attenuation due to effective active noise compensation Noise Gard
Talk-Through function allows direct communication in the cockpit
Noise-compensating boom microphone ensures excellent speech transmission”

Clarity Aloft $525.00

Clarity Aloft® Aviation Headset: lightweight freedom with unsurpassed sound quality. It’s the most affordable option, battery-free, and is extremely easy to use in all types of aircraft.

“Clarity Aloft Aviation Headsets offer a unique combination of advanced technologies put together in a lightweight design, yet durable enough to be the preferred headset of professional flight instructors.”

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