Radar Contact # 9 The Door is Always Open at ATC

One of my favorite singers is Keb Mo. He has a song called The Door. The refrain in that song goes: “I found out that the door was always open.”

The door is always open at Air Traffic Control. You just need to ask a question or make a request through ATC to get what you want. A lot of new, and even some experienced pilots, are hesitant to ask anything of ATC. You will find out, if you ask, that air traffic controllers are a good, hard working bunch of people who really do want to help you. No need to be intimidated. If you need something, speak up.

In this week’s show, we continue our interview with Jack Bowers, retired air traffic controller from the St. Louis TRACON. Jack tells a story about how he helped a pilot overcome a emergency and get the airplane safely on the ground. It’s a great story of an air traffic controller helping a pilot who asked for help.

Before we get to the show, let me remind you that the door is always open at ATCcommunication.com. I really enjoy hearing from you. It gives me a sense of mission to be able to help you. If you have questions, ask me and I’ll get right back to you. I’m here for you. Now, on to the show. . .

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